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February 5 - 29, 2020

Vtape, Toronto


LAW & (DIS)ORDER brings together a group of artists—Halil Altindere, Aman Mojadidi, Yoshua Okón, and Berna Reale—who highlight ruptures in the relationship between police and the people they are sworn to serve. Conceived in a climate of heightened attention towards police, police misconduct, and the increasing militarization of law enforcement, the exhibition addresses abuses of power or corruptions in the ways that the law is enforced. The works all bring light to these issues performatively, and these performances—exhibited as videos—outline the often bureaucratic absurdity of police corruption. Parody and satire emerge as critical strategies which the represented artists each employ in different capacities to offer varying points of entry into broad discussions around ethics, power, and the roles of police in the 21st century.

Read the full exhibition essay.

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